Hex Trap bars

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  • Bar weight – 50 lbs
  • Weight capacity- 1000lbs
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Purpose – Add to your home gym and fitness equipment repertoire with our hex shaped trap bars. Develop lower body strength in your quads, calves, ankles, and feet through deadlifts farmer carries, and squats.

Usage – We recommend using in a gym setting where your flooring is protected. Bumper plates will complement this well because you can drop without fear of damaging your gear or floor. Just slide onto the bar and slide our clamp collars on for a tight fit.

Materials – Solid, heavy-duty steel and high gloss, powder coated black paint (black).
What’s Inside – (1) Hex shaped trap bar.

Product Specifications – Overall dimensions – 55.75” x 23.1” x 5.25” with 9.25” loading arm and 11.25” handle length. Handle-to-handle length 23.25”. Total Weight Capacity is 1000 pounds.